Habzoud brings you the finest nature has to offer, in the form of 100% pure, hand-crafted and exquisite oud oils, sandalwood oils, blends, resins and woods. Habzoud has over 10 years experience and expertise in oud aswell as other aromatics. We have custom made oils working close with various artisinal distillers and collectors to produce and procure the finest aromatics mother nature has to offer.

Habzoud was inspired by the following Hadith:

“Love for your fellow human what you love for yourself”.

Habzoud was then born and has one simple mission, to share my passion for this heavenly scent with you all. Not only to share it with you but to introduce to the oud world, products which are of the highest calibre at a very reasonable price. I am so confident in my products and customer service that I can say with full conviction, Habzoud will fully satisfy your ouddiction and cravings for smelling like royality and being physically, mentally and spiritually uplifted.

Take a swipe, inhale and be transported into the olfactory matrix. Whether its for prayer, meditation, relaxation or just to smell sublime, Habzoud will definitely have an offering to suit your needs.

Being one of the founders of the largest online oud forum: Ouddict be sure Habzoud have wealths of knowledge and experience. We would like to thank the community for its ongoing contribution and support to the oud world. page

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