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The final oil in the trilogy of the best Hindi Oud oils around. This oil had to do alot to match the previous 2, its done exactly that and much much more. The raw material for this oil was a rare batch of incense grade wood from upper Assam close to the Burmese border. You will smell the sweet bitterness found in sinensis oils within this oil and realise why many feel the best Ouds come from India. This oil is more complex than the previous ones and takes you on a rideof various reigons with one sniff.

AlJanah 3 has a beautiful deep yellow hue and has been cooked on extra low heat with no soak to capture the finest Oud has to offer. This is one of the finest oils i have smelt in a while. The oil opens with a clean bright zesty bitterness think orange/lemon peel drenched in thick Yemeni sidr honey followed by desi chai being cooked in a clay pot filled with cardamon, aniseed and cinamon. Theres floral notes like roses, wild flowers and just sunshine hay laden with the smell of freshly prepared desi ghee based sweets. The cooling hainan like bitterness always lingers with wisps of sweet classical Hindi smoke with great projection. Many people enjoy the kyara feel in oils this is the first Hindi ive experienced which has that juicy bittersweet goodness of Vietnamese Sinensis.

This oil could easily retail for 1000$ a bottle and you would not be dissapointed luckily Habzoud oils are half the price of what you would expect from oils of this caliber, a must have Hindi in your collection.

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