Oud Alsukar was one of our most popular oils, well all of our oils are popular but some edge out that little bit further. After popular demand we are happy to bring you the second and final batch, part 2 of Oud Alsukar. This has been maturing away for the last few months, you would think its aged alot longer with its classy smoothness. Whats different about the second batch? Well its simple a tad more smoke, darker & more complexity. The sweet aspect however still remains strong.

Oud Alsukar (sugar) part 2 hails from the Aceh region of the Archipelago. Green Ouds aren’t usually sweet and if they are never this beautifully. The oil isn’t just green but has a delicious brown sweet oudy core at its base. Is it more green or brown I’m not sure…the sweetness is surreal and out of this world.

The scent transports you deep into the thick Jungles of Aceh without a single harsh or off-putting note. Instead you are greeted with smooth crisp notes of fresh mint leaves, thick manuka honey, pine leaves, sugar cane juice, clean earthy incense with a gentle touch of vanilla. The oil has nuclear projection and emits clouds of incense which will keep your nose glued to your wrist most of the day.

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