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Oud Harba was a real shape shifter oil it held so many different facets of colour when describing the scent. One minute it was red then green then yellow and so on.

Oud Altaws is the sister distillation of Harba and in scent they are similar. I would say Altawas is more incensy and a real addictive oil, it smells so beautiful and juicy that im tempted to have a taste! This oil is sweet yet bitter smokey (low heat chip) yet so clean. It has been aged for 2 years and has rounded off into a mature smelling oil which is super friendly and a great elegant smelling everyday wear. Even those not too fond of Oud will appreciate this oil, it has its own style of sweetness and seduction aswell as a real rollacoaster of a ride with so many notes.

Upon swiping you are greeted with boozy juicy sweet cotton candy, apples coated in toffee, gentle wisps of agar smoke theres a hint of deep jungle greeness, sweet dry earth, liqiourice and a very classical Cambodian dry down. This oil like Zamarad two is the best bang for the buck wild Oud oil available on the market and a must have for everyone in their Oud stash. If i blind bought this oil at this price point on first sniff i would be a very happy bunny, it easily smells double its price. Listing is for a 3g bottle


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