Cambodi Ateeq

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Cambodi Ateeq is Habzoud’s first cultivated oil, this is what Cambodian dreams are made of. The oil has been aged 5 years and been in my possession since it was soaked in the famous Koh Kong red water and all the goodness pulled out of the agarwood.

The deep red hue of overripe berries coupled with an expertly fermented opening provides the foundation for a classically Cambodian experience that is neither offensive through over fermentation or offensive through castration of what ultimately makes any lover of the region fall for this legendary profile. Cambodi Ateeq displays a wonderful umami rich opening with just the right amount of incense and depth which sets the stage for the beautiful layers yet to unfold.

As the scent progress notes of honey and citrus meet bitter Cambodian woods with an almost mentholic quality. While some may find the opening challenging I find it’s the perfect balance for how smooth and clean the remainder of the wearing becomes. You can’t talk about a Cambodian without the dried fruits and there’s plenty of that here. Soft spices, incense and dried fruits fill up the heart of Cambodi Ateeq which displays a depth rarely found in plantation oils. It almost feels like your smelling clean Agollacha with a dried fruit and tobacco nuance amongst the spices of low temp wood. A sour citrus rind rounds out the drydown for a truly wild yet sustainable experience.


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