Ghazal 2



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Oud Ghazal 2 (gazelle) like its predecessor hails from Terrenganu Malaysia and is a high quality incense grade distillation. This isnt your usual Malaysian oud, no cola bottles or oceanic greeness or any fizz just pure raw Oudiness! This a representation of when classical style Oud meets a newage style of distillation. It reminds me of a gazelle leaping freely in the air in all its majesty. This oil will mature into something amazing, those who aquire some will be a testimony to this.

This Oud is oudy very very oudy. The oil opens with a leathery muskyness not fecal or barny but a beautiful luring aroma. Then there is a surge of deep green earthiness, wisps of gentle agar smoke, fresh jungle leaves, old library books, powdery antique woods, dark cocoa beans, mintyness, liqourice.

This is a long lasting oil, a no nonsense Oud clean yet dark in profile,how Oud should be…


3g, 1g


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