Oud Harba (chameleon) is a wild oil from the famous Koh Kong reigon of Cambodia. This liquid gold was distilled in 2017 and when fresh had a little sharpness at the top as you do.
I knew this oil would be special with a little age. Tucked and stored away in darkness for a year, when i uncapped the pyrex bottle and swiped i was confused not because the sharpness had tottally disapeared but because the oil smelt Cambodian but with a Vietnamese twist. Not only a Vietnamese twist but also a Malay and Indonesian twist…..
Oud Harba opens with beautiful bitter sweet incense note with a hint of green incense, bright shades of sweet syrup with smokey berries. The oil is not too fruity at all with a dark candy resinous woody base. Theres also wild flowers and hints of cork and a touch of amber with pipe tobbaco. I also pick up a watermelon note which i’m yet to have experienced in any other Oud oil.
Each time i sniff my wrist i discover something different, a high calibre scent which lasts and is addictive. If you enjoy multi-layered complex Ouds this one is waiting for you…
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