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Hitam Qadeem is a time warp Oud oil that transports you back in time, on a journey to the golden era of Agarwood oil. The days of the good old stuff! Better raw material, classical distillation techniques and 11 years of ageing makes this one unique oil. The best way to describe it, a antique Oud oil aged to perfection showcasing a clean yet classical aged aroma.

This is a codistillation of wild Malay malacensis wood with old naturally infected Thai plantation wood, juiced in steel, bottled and left in a dark chest for many years.

The oil is heavy and dark with a deep orange tint to it. Upon sniffing the dipstick you know something old and special is hitting your olfactory senses!

The aroma of raw old heavily resinated wood hits you like the wood itself has been liquidised and bottled. Wisps of a gentle chunk of Malay agarwood sizziling on low heat permeate with a cloud of bittersweet roasted cacao beans. The smell morphs to that of a old leather interior from a vintage Mercedes Benz from the 60’s. The middle phase gives you a filaria vibe with deep earthiness, fresh pottery and hints of oceanic minerals. The drydown brings out a lovely incensy woody sweetness that lingers for ages. This oil is truely every Oud lovers dream and lasts hours on end.

I was blessed to aquire a limited ammount of this oil. Once its gone i dont think it will be replaced, definatley one for the top shelf.


3g, 1g


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