What happens when you marry wild and farmed woods together you get Oud Mutahid (united). This is a co-distillation of Malay malacensis and Malay crassna wood the result a very interesting and intriguing oud. The reason i enjoy Malay oils so much is because its pure oudiness nothing floral or pretty here. There is always a crave to escape pretty ouds for what I call proper oud.

The oil has a lovely velvet texture and is smooth like silk with a deep golden brown hue. Swipe and the oil comes to life with notes of raw Malay agarwood, pine leaves, bubbling resin and dark cocoa beans. The smoke is gentle and sticks throughout the journey of the oil. The middle has a etheral freshness which comes across minty with some dense jungle. The drydown is where the sweetness of the crassna creeps in just the right ammount (only a small percentage of the wood was crassna) no fruits or anything Thai more sweet, liquorice and dark chocolate.

This oil is a must for incense heads and at a fantastic priceā€¦.well like all Habzoud products.

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