Namar (Tiger)


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Habzoud Cambodian oils are the best of both worlds, new age distillation with a modern beginning and a classic vintage aroma in the drydown. Our previous Cambodian oils have been highly praised by connoisseurs as being the best on the market.

Oud Namar (tiger) is a zero soaked incense grade distillation from the famous Koh Kong reigon. The oil has a deep golden/orange hue and packs a strong Oudy punch.

Walk deep into any dense forest whether coniferous or rainy jungle, and you’ll be greeted with an unmistakable smell of rich moss and woods along with local flora and fauna. Oud Namar (tiger) exemplifies the journey one takes when embarking upon on an Oud filled quest of discovery.

The opening is a peat Moss and incense laden woody aroma fat with the liquored fumes of medicinal Koh Kong syrup. The slightest touch of baked clay creates a mitti like nuance which provides depth to what seems like a perfectly balanced modern oil. The opening is deep but not dark, it’s complex without feeling heavy and the classic hints of red mineral laced soil segues into the golden rainbow of scent Koh Kong is known for.

The heart has nuances of Pursat berries and ripe, burgundy fruit. A chewy tobacco laced honey provides a touch of character that grounds the top notes with a juicy, sun ripened plum facet. If you love a top shelf Cambodian then this should be sat in your collection.


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