Oud Aljanah (paradise) swept many people off their feet “its the best Hindi i’ve smelt” my reply “i feel the same way”.

Version 2 the sister distillation is also zero soak but kissed with copper. Dare i say better than the original, its better and you would think this oil has been aged years. The main difference between 1 and 2? 2 is stronger, bolder, sweeter and more elegant.

This is the type of scent for royality, special occasions and puts you in a deep meditative trance. You literally want everything you own to smell like this sweet sunshine, hay, wild flowers, brown sugar, honey, cardamon, cinamon, bitter spices, desi sweets, light wisps of smoke and that beautiful woodsy sweet Hindi drydown.

I wont say much more and im not one to over hype, those who got V1 know what im on about.

Price is for 1g if you would like a larger ammount email us please


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