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It’s been a little while since an oil has been released, the wait is over and its well worth it. The refined incense note just seems to get better & better….

Oud Altamsah (Alligator) is a custom co-distill of wild incense grade Malay & Borneo woods, juiced back in 2019. What comes to mind when the scent hits the senses? Wisps of smoke from a top notch chip on low heat. Zamarad is an oil that many people loved, this is the older brother. The oil is clean and crisp it could cut through anything.

It is deep green in colour however rounder, more incense and an overall transporting experience. You could confuse this for a top walla oil or maybe even an oil from PNG.

If an oil was to exemplify the kaleidoscopic green hues of an amphibious predator like the crocodile, Altamash is that oil.  At first swipe you’re greeted with a lush jungle filled with incense as if someone is burning fallen Agarwood timber on smoldering embers somewhere off in the distance.

It’s dark, ouddy profile shifts between deep green and aquamarine teals as beautiful oceanic notes become present. Imagine the iridescent glow of an alligator’s eye gently peaking out from the water, so too does a golden floral accord slip into your awareness almost hidden beneath the incense.

Smooth purple flowers flow in and out of a cola like sweetness along with a pronounced creamy banana-like texture giving way to a Papuan green heart. Altamash slowly transitions into a bright powdery green snake slithering through fields of vetiver.  Creamy florals vanillic berries flicker in and out as the incense laden dry down slowly fades away.

After swiping it opens with a kick of smokey oceanic fizzy green/blue incense layered with spices. Theres notes of cola, vanilla, dry earth and jungle berries. What you get from start to end is incense when you apply this oil you become a walking talking Oud chip.

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