Oud Muhib (Majestic) and Dhahab (Gold) were two new age Cambodian oils that really caught the attention of many noses.

The 3rd instalment has now arrived, after a long wait Oud Asad (lion). I wanted to capture a new age oil with clean classic Cambodian DNA in the base notes. The area of Pursat is one of the most sought after regions for wild Cambodian wood. After some time enough wood was collected to put into the pot, cleaned, zero soak & juiced into liquid gold. The oil darker in colour than the previous members of the family and the smell? Magnificent, powerful & beautiful like a Lion.

The oil like all Habzoud oils is clean, crystal clean, the richness of the tree poured into a bottle. Notes of smokey incense, wild jungle flowers, woody bitterness, dry clay, golden hay, sweet honey & a syrupy rich classic Cambodian drydown. This oil will age into something special even more special than it already is.

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