Oud Dhahab (gold) is a special oil, not many times will i call a oil special unless my nose really feels it is. In this case the first thought that came to mind when inhaling was Gold. This oil was distilled from a single batch of old stock wood from Koh Kong, Cambodia. Zero soak cooked in copper, the vision for the oil was to capture a complex multifaceted scent spectrum.

Oud Dhahab is 6 months old and with age it will grow into a legendry oil. Already the sheer quality of the raw material can be felt upon the first whiff. It was quite a challenge to describe this oil and i was left thinking deeply about the profile, the spiritual affect of this oil is great.

The oil opens with a bitterness unlike anything i have experienced before in Cambodian oil. A golden bitterness followed by gentle incense which stays throught the scent progression, think a sinking Cambodian chip kodo style. There are spices, honey, fresh pipe tobbaco and a classical nectar filled floral, sticky resin, slightly earthy drydown. This oil is also loud and makes its presense clear, a oil which has been in the pipeline a while. The scent is so clean and if you liked Harba (chameleon) this oils tops that as the grown up father of its younger son.

A must have oil in everyones collection….

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