Oud Ghazal (Gazelle)

Terranganu Malaysia


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Oud Ghazal (gazelle) hails from Terrenganu Malaysia and is a high quality incense grade distillation. This isnt your usual Malaysian oud, this is a representation of when classical style Oud meets a newage style of distillation. It reminds me of a gazelle leaping freely in the air in all its majesty. This oil will mature into something amazing, those who aquire some will be a testimony to this.

This Oud is oudy very very very oudy.

Ghazal opens with freshly tanned calf skin supported by notes of black licorice, anise, mentholated pepper and a soft hint of fizzy greenness. You are then met by a gorgeous black leather note followed by classically aged Oud. This isn’t the leather you’d find in a Hindi with strong barnyard notes either. There’s an oozing warmth in the core that feels like black ambergris and deer musk.

Camphor and musk slowly meld into an antique wooden heart. The wood is both warm and vintage but never turns into varnish or wood polish. Instead it smells like an old bookshelf that maybe sat next to a fireplace. Whisps of smoke permeate the books with a subtle nod to a smoldering ember.

Overall this an oil that feels like a bottomless pit of depth and something you don’t see too often. There’s no fruits, sweetness, honey or anything cheerful. This is somber and reflective. I never really think about settings to wear an oil but I’d imagine this would work well in a nice suit and and polished shoes.

The listing is for a 1g vial

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