Oud Muhib (majestic) is one of the most bitter sweet Ouds I have smelt and its DNA is Vietnamese crossed with Chinese. In fact it is from the mountain tops of Koh Kong and represents the scent of the finest chip of Oud from either one of the two above regions and more, on the lowest setting of your heater. The silky oil emits the finest Oud aroma and shrouds you in a cloud of Oudiness.

This is a new age style oil, slow cooked, low temp with zero soak in copper the outcome is gold, both in colour and aroma. The incense note here is so refined that dare I say its close to being as good as it gets. If you love Oud that represents the wood, rich middle and a sweet boozy base note then this hits the spot. Notes of bitter sweet spices, dried pollen, wild flowers, pipe tobacco and a whole lot more. This is a fine elegant yet rich oil as-well as being complex.This is one of my favourites from Habzoud so far along with Alamin, Zamarad & Shams. A real bench mark for fine quality Cambodian oil. This will re-ignite the love for true classy Cambodian Oud.

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