Sultan Al Akhdar


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Sultan Al Akhdar (king of green) is what you could call the grandfather oil of the well loved popular oil Zamarad. The raw material for this oil was collected over a peroid of 1 year and is juiced from dark high quality agarwood from Sabah and Kelantan. If a oil was to represent the finest version of green smelling notes this would be it. Not a harsh or dark green but a vibrant sweet equatic green. The colour of this oil is a very light green and when applied to the skin feels like a chip on low heat sizziling away. The oil has a spicy element and also reminds me of oils from Borneo & Sri Lanka, it takes your nose on a real rollercoaster of a ride.

The oil when applied opens with a slightly sweet fizzy green equatic tone, the aroma of densly populated jungle, a array of sweet earthiness laden with wild plants. There is a walla pata gryinops vibe with sweet ripe guava, mango peel & cucumber. Imagine a bag full of pear drop sweets you loved as a kid i get the smell of these. In the middle the oil turns more towards the spicy side with nutmeg, cinamon & rosemary. The drydown proceeds to leave a woodsy trail of low chip sizziling goodness with hints of green.

This is a top shelf oil and with age will only become better. It really transports you deep into nature from the first sniff.


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