Sultan Hojari

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I was very lucky to get my hands on this rare aged gem which was commissioned by a close friend. I would consider this oil to be one of the best blends I’ve put my nose to, you’re literally a walking subtism heater with the finest piece of royal green hojari on top of a densely resinated chip of Indonesian agarwood.

Sultan Hojari opens with the most exquisite bahkoor like experience. Huge wafts of crushed black pepper meet temple smoke in a pine forest. Sticky sweet notes of pine resin kissed by the smouldering embers of last night’s fire along with ambery citrus like nuances are situated next to smouldering juniper.

When the Smokey incense starts to recede a creamy, green Oud appears. The peppered frank from the opening is only a whisper at this point, but the smoke is just beautiful and hanging on with only the slightest tendril here or there.

The Oud in the base is stunning. It’s rewarding because it offers an entirely different side to this distillation that reveals sweet green notes on top of powdery woods. The overall Oudy factor is resinous without feeling fruity or musky. At times there was buttery Mysore notes from the incense interacting with the oil and others just felt like smooth, green oceanic waves of Oud


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