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Turba (soil) is a oil that showcases clean yet classical Papuan Oud. The oil is crystal clean but at the same time full of so much deep earthy Oudiness that it really hits the spot for those who enjoy bitter sweet, dark, earthy Oud profiles.

This oil really helps connect with mother nature in all its glory with no off notes and being aged for 3 years its a well rounded mature oil juiced from Gyrinops species of Agarwood.

The oil has a deep brown colour with a orange tint and a lovely silky viscosity. When applied it opens with the scent of incensy leafy green earthiness, fresh smell of dry soil when it rains, pine resin, freshly peeled guava, green tea, fresh mint leaves with wisps of gentle smoke. The oil gets sweeter and sweeter as it drys down into a juicy sweet powdery woody drydown.

This is a oil that will tick all the boxes for Papuan fans, aged and at a great price.


3g, 1g


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