Fas (Axe)

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Ever wanted a gently smokey, earthy and spicy sandalwood then fas (axe) is the oil for you. Distilled using root material from a well matured sandalwood tree this oil really transports you deep into the earth with a unique profile not common in sandalwood oils.

Once swiped you are greeted by gentle earthy smokey incense followed by the smell of bitter fresh greenery and a warm tone of cooked spices. Slowly the buttery sandal base creeps in with a luscious deep woody aroma of raw sandalwood.

This oil lasts hours on the skin and does not stop emitting a unique cooling yet warm aroma.

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2 reviews for Fas (Axe)

  1. Freddy

    A very fine oil with a classic creamy butteriness but with slightly smokier, more herbal and citrus-like facets. My favorite by far is Ramah but every one of Habz’ oils are worth (at the very least) trying.

  2. Rist

    Fas(axe) is a suitable name for this sandalwood. It has rich a herbaceous bitter note with a hint of sweetness that keeps pulling you back to try and get another whiff of it. It starts of slightly smoky & woody, almost a bit oudlike, but this slowly disappears and a lovely floral aroma takes it place. Very intriguing with lots of different facets to explore.

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