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Kilos of Fragipani petals loaded into a pot along with the finest indian and sri lankan sandalwood meticulously cooked, the outcome? The most beautiful floral & woody rollercoaster ride you have ever experienced.

Hasna (beauty) opens with a piercing high note of green violet leaf which adds to the tart and almost sour quality of the sandalwood itself. What has been created here is an Attar that adds to the beauty of the sandalwood without overpowering it. Each transition is seamlessly blended into the Sandal and gently whisps in and out of the composition like soft waves of floral sunshine. As the violet leaf subsides a well blended floral tonality takes place. It’s both ethereal and gentle with an electric purple current that adds to the creamy heart of the sandalwood itself.

What I find enjoyable about Hasna is that it never quite feels like you’re wearing a perfume or Attar but rather the most exquisitely floral Sandal imaginable. It’s gentle and easy to wear yet has the strength and longevity of any high quality Mysore. There’s a sweetness to the heart that brilliantly compliments the powdery wooden nuances as if you’re walking on clouds of jasmine laced Santal trees with a puff of Iris here and there. Hasna truly lives up to it’s name as this is beautiful from start to finish. When I wear Hasna it becomes a part of my aura and neither overpowers it or is subdued by my presence. Instead it merges into my awareness with a gentle scent bubble. Perfect for warm sunny days, Hasna is wearable year round and a must have for any lover of Sandalwood. It’s unique floral quality is beauty laced in a bottle. Hasna sits perfectly unisex and will add an ethereal cloud to any sunny day.

The scent lasts for hours and is great on its own or layered with Oud or one of your favorite colognes. deffinatley one for floral and woody lovers.

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  1. Sascha (verified owner)

    I am totally in love with this natural attar. The distillation of fresh frangipani flowers gives Hasna a truly exotic floral vibe that reminds me of night-blooming Echinopsis cacti. Knowing AromaSublime’s pure distilled frangipani essential oil, I can safely say that this is an authentic and natural attar. – Highly recommended and kudos to Habzoud for this outstanding, handcrafted, natural masterpiece!

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