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Nangarhar Rose is known to be one of the finest and most sought after rose oils. After smelling many high quality Taifi rose oils aswell as Turkish, Bulgarian, Indian the Nangarhar rose always took the top spot for me.

It took a long 3 year wait to finally get my hands & nose on this oil. One of the issues i faced was getting the oil out of Afganistan to the UK aswell as buying in a much smaller quantity than what is usually offered. After slow and steady communication with the distillery, finally my waiting paid off and the oil arrived in the UK by hand.

After a 3 hour drive to collect the oil from a friend, the first thing he said was “the oil is sealed and my living room smells like heavenly roses!”

The oil has a light yellow tint and from the dipstick, this is such a potent and powerful oil, one small dot is enough to envelope you in a cloud of roses! The oil once applied lets off a powerful tsunami of blossoming rose flowers as if one was covered in rose petals, there is a element of crisp zestiness followed by a rich deep creaminess with wisps of light gentle smoke. The seductive aroma lasts for hours and is a real delight to smell, absolutley stunning!

This is a very limited batch of oil which im not sure if/when ill be able to offer again. This is definatley one for all rose lovers, a warm, powerful, seductive scent.


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