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Al Harara was the first blend Habzoud released and it sold out within a week. Adghal (jungle) is the 2nd instalment, however this time the outcome was something very much different, something unique…

The blend contains 4 types of aged Oud, 2 types of Sandalwood, aged vetiver, a slight touch of rose and a heavy dose of aged Siberian musks.

The outcome is something unique and masculine. It’s a raw yet sophisticated aroma, one which can be complimented in the office at home or before prayer & meditation. The scent reminds of a jungle the raw muskiness, the dark oudiness, the green vetiver, the scent of how a man should smell. The progression is smooth and slow and wafts of this jungle juice can be smelt hours later.

The best way to describe this like a few who have smelt it is “Green old spice”. A classical scent and a classical price 160$ shipped for 3g worldwide. A perfect winter scent a perfect treat before the new year……




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