Fawz (Victory)

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I’ve had a few well trained noses saying Sayf was the best sandalwood they had smelt. The sheer spiciness and power it possesses is pretty much crazy.

Fawz (victory) is the next in lineĀ of the Habzoud Sandalwood oils, with Sayf (sword) sold out now is a good time to bring this into the picture…

This oil is just amazing and the creamy tangy woodiness is delicious. It will stay on your skin all day and invoke your senses. I’ve seen sandalwood oils selling on the market for 350$ plus for a bottle. This oil smells better and is a lot cheaper pretty much as simple as that.


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2 reviews for Fawz (Victory)

  1. Freddy

    Not my style of sandalwood but I just have to give this one credit because it doesn’t even behave like any sandalwood oil I’ve tried before. Malaysian oudiness with that wet soil, intensely green note. Vetiver. Heavy yet bright woodiness. Incredibly interesting and like the rest of Habzoud’s offerings – insanely good value for money.

  2. Rist

    I absolutely adore this sandalwood oil, it is quite unusual in the way that it is extremely refreshing, floral, citrusy…. it evokes images of swimming in pristine spring water and the air filled with the smell of freshly opened blossoms and citrus fruits. It reminds me a bit of 4711, but so much better. It refreshed the mind and lifts the mood.

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