Oud Sample Pack

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Why not try before you buy? A great chance to experience our current offerings in sample sizes of 0.15g:


Zamarad Two

Jaya Qadeem

Oud Boran

Oud Rusa

Cambodi Smoke

Maroke Qadeem


Raja Hijau

2 reviews for Oud Sample Pack

  1. fahadalraisi625 (verified owner)

    As salaam alukam
    Firstly I thank you for the beautiful gift second all this oil is a wonderful and aromatic thank you for your dedication in your work and for this effort and tiredness in producing this good raw.
    gazakm allh kher

    Fahad Alraisi

  2. shawn shaggy (verified owner)

    outstanding customer service and fast shipping. perfect way to sample various regions and profiles. thank you so much.

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