Al Hareer


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Most of the much loved previous Hindis we offered being “new gen” i wanted an oil that represented barn in a way that it would change peoples perception who arent to keen on harsh, funky, animalic tones. Al Hareer is a refined, silky, smooth yet elegant oil with a beautiful classical Hindi profile that lasts for hours on end. The material used for the oil is from Meghalaya & Nagaland, soaked in natural well water and distilled in a hybrid setup. This is a high quality oil with high quality barn 😁. One which has a real presence and aurs around it.

The oil has a silky viscosity with a deep orange/brown hue. Off the dipstick you would think you are smelling the finest sweet melted Belgian chocolate. Upon application you are greeted with smooth incensey hay, leather bags, the aroma of freshly cut greenery, tobbaco, sweet spices, desi butter and a array of desi sweetness with gentle smoke. The drydown is that of classical Hindi Oud, nothing beats it. The oil is not fecal or anamalic, you will smell the quality of the raw material from the get go. The oil has no off notes neither is pungent but refined and a real treat.

This oil gets sweeter and woodier as it progresses, the aroma travels far and wide and for sure your nose will be picking up wafts of this all day long. This is an oil every Hindi Oud lover needs in their collection


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