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The ultimate Oud experience is smelling a “chip on low heat”. Many Ouds we have released contain this note to some degree however Oud Xiangshui embodies this experience from the start, middle to finish. Don’t just imagine any old chip but the finest piece of dense, dark king grade wood sizziling away kodo style on a heater. As each bubble of Oud pops, this is the aroma thats released. The beauty of just smelling this oil off the dipstick is one which will transport you in a time vortex with an Oud oil distilled a decade ago in China from old sinking grade Sumatran microcarpa wood which is very, very difficult to source.

Oud oils from this reigon, species and quality dont come around often and this is an oil everyone should try to get even a little of, a true benchmark of what top shelf agarwood has to offer.

The colour is a pristine pale yellow similar to that of Sandalwood, not seen often in Oud oils. Oud Xiangshui is in the threshold of similar oils which command a 2500$ plus price tag for 3g, at Habzoud as you all know you pay less for alot more, much much more…

The oil is difficult to describe and articulate into words but i will try and describe it as best i can. Once applied the oil hits you with a fizzy piercing almost equatic antique woody opening, theres wisps of gentle pristine golden incense, tangy grapefruit, white flowers with a powdery old woody drydown. The oil reminds me of the smell of a classic 60’s mercedes interior which took me back to my childhood! The whole experience from start to end is of a Kodo session. The oil projects well and lasts hours on skin. This oil is reminiscent of the finest Borneo oil and has a real oriental feel to it.

This oil is up there with Oud Alamin and Oud Caliph as one of the best Ouds Habzoud has offered. Not to mention again this is a decade old oil made from true sinking gradeĀ  material.


3g, 1g


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