Zamarad 2

Kelantan Malaysia

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Zamarad that was an oil that got alot of peoples attention, it was a oil which was clean, incensy and the aroma beautiful from a price point it was around 265$ shipped for 3g and considered very good value for money like all Habzoud oils.

Many of us have those expensive Ouds we are sometimes afraid to use too often because of their cost. They simply become show pieces and very rarely are they appreciated. I wanted a wild Oud that was not just affordable but very affordable. A oil most people could buy 3grams of and actually make use of and enjoy. A oil you could swipe friends, family and co-workers without any holding back. Thats the concept behind Zamarad two, a oil very close to the first take but cheaper with a crystal clean punch and a lovely aroma.

The oil again is green in colour, it resembles a shiney deep green Emerald. Once again the wood is from Pahang a reigon i love, the deep woodiness from this area is something to be appreciated . The oil opens with potent fizzy aqua oceanic greeness, sherbert, guava, dense earthy jungle incense, freshly cut mint, dry clay, old library books, forest pine with a deep woodsy vanilla base. I would say the oil is great for both beginners and seasoned experts, it ticks all the right boxes. This oil is proof that a wild oil can do so much from a plantation price point.

The price is for 3g bottle a must have in everyones collection.

3 reviews for Zamarad 2

  1. Shawn S. (verified owner)

    So glad I purchased this! This beautiful emerald green colored oil is an absolute steal at the price it is listed for! This oud is perfectly described in the listing and is a pleasure to wear. Already looking forward to my next order ??

  2. Curt

    Malaysian oudh perfume with a good dose of the actual agarwood profile. Five stars if were stronger and longer lasting. It deserves a coveted spot in my collection.

  3. Nadim

    An insane oil and complete bargain at this price. Just received my 2nd bottle today. I depleted the first in record time. Very generous additional samples also received. Shukran sidi.

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