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After the end of the last batch of Ghazal 2, it was time for another oil from Malaysia. With this oil i wanted something different to our previous Malaysian offerings which were tailored around more modern style of scent.

The idea with Oud Rusa was to capture a old school recreation of classical musky, woody incensy Malay oil. If you like raw musk, raw oud wood and incense this oil ticks all those boxes and more!

The incense grade raw material was sourced from Kelantan, soaked in Kelantan well water and distilled in copper. The oil has been ageing for nearly 2 years and is now ready to hit your noses!

Oud Rusa has a golden brown hue and a lovely strong, punchy and long lasting affect. This oil clouds you in a aroma of raw Oudiness and has a mystical presence around it.

Off this dipstick you would easily confuse this with a intoxicating non fecal clean smell of dry raw musk grains. Once applied the oil hits you with a clean floral sweet muskiness which fades and is followed by the aroma of the raw smell of sinking grade Malaysian wood. The smell of the raw wood is simply delicious and gets sweeter and sweeter as the oil progresses. There are wisps of gentle smoke and a deep rooted sense of being in a old wooden building. This oil has so many woody vibes going on and comparing it some old school Malaysian oils its right up there with some of the best! The colours i would use to describe the oil are red and brown. The sweetness in this oil seductive with notes leather, coco aswell as the smell of cigar tobacco.

An oil for old school Oud lovers who want to experience a high quality no nonsense Oudy oil, how they used to be.


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