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Maroke Qadeem is an oil which represents fine, aged Maroke liquid gold. The kind of oil which is worn by Arab Shayukh, the smell of royals, the smell of ancient Filaria wood. Deep, dark, earthy, resinous heaven. A small dot goes a long way, the oil projects loud and creates a cloud of Resinous incense. Wearing this oil will definatley have the person next to you wondering, what is that smell? The oil is clean with zero barn, funk or off notes.

Filaria is one of the lowest yielding woods and grows deep in the murky jungles of Papua. The raw material for this caliber of oil are scarce and not often found anymore. Take the finest chunk of Filaria agarwood on a heater, this is the aroma which Maroke Qadeem represents.

The oil is a deep dark brown colour and as it runs down the vial leaves a dark trail of oil. Off the dipstick you are blown away with the scent of an ancient dark forest, raw earth the imagination of an old Oud tree bottled up into a liquid. Once applied these notes follow with the aroma of heavy rain hitting dry earth, a fresh breath of cooling mint, wisps of agar smoke, pine dew, the smell of oceanic rocks, dark spices and etheral herbs. The drydown of the oil is pure dark resinous Oud.

This oil is perfect for those who want a raw Oud experience and love the smell of earthy Ouds. This oil has already been a big hit with Arab customers who love this style of oil.


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