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When discussing Thai Ouds, people often associate them with words like ‘fruity,’ ‘sweet,’ and ‘light in color.’ Thai oils also appear to have a connection with the first type of Ouds that people begin their journey with, primarily due to their friendliness. I myself embarked on this journey many years ago! I’ve encountered very few deep, dark, woody Thai Ouds with an ancient aroma, and they rank among the best in my collection. I wanted to showcase an oil that challenges the norm of Thai oils, one that would change everyone’s perspective on what Ouds from this region have to offer. A Thai oud with the deep, dark vibes reminiscent of Malaysian, Sumatran, and Cambodian Ouds. The wood for this oil was sourced from the southeastern region of Chanthaburi, not far from the Cambodian border. The woods juiced for this oil were a mix of plantation wood from a single mature tree aswell as some old stock wild chips, you will immediately sense the quality and the Oudy kick it delivers from the get-go.

The transformation of this oil in recent years is truly remarkable. After smelling it last week, I felt it was time to release ‘Oud Boran,’ named after the Thai word for ‘ancient.’I’ve encountered several oils from this area, and they all seem to capture that dark, oudy essence that every Oud enthusiast craves. Its aroma reminds me of various tigerwood oils I’ve smelt, as well as aged Cambodians.

The oil itself is deep brown with a syrupy texture. When you swipe it, you’re greeted with a mesmerizing burst of pure, oozing, resinous wood, accompanied by gentle wisps of tobacco-laden smoke. There’s a hint of fresh fields, cocoa beans, roasted coffee, tobbaco, a subtle green herbal mintiness, the fragrance of an old temple or library and the scent of a classic leather interior from a 1960’s Mercedes.

The oil lacks any fruity notes but possesses an intriguing sweetness. I wouldn’t describe it as a sweet oil, but more of an incense-like sweetness as opposed to fruity. From top to middle to base notes, the ancient woody aroma dominates this oil.

If you’ve experienced ‘Hitam Qadeem,’ this oil offers a similar overall experience and quality at half the price, a benchmark Thai Oud


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