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Many people love fumigation on coal, a chip sizziling away on low heat is not everyones cup of tea some like it strong, smokey and in your face! There was some demand for a smokey oil done right as others smelt too charred or smelt a little too burnt. Cambodi smoke captures the perfect balance between smoke and a array of notes sweet yet bitter smokey yet clean. When your wearing Cambodi smoke and you enter a room your presence will be known, your a walking talking Oud burner.

If you’ve ever lit pure agarwood incense the initial aroma is a blast of charred resin, sweet resinous smoke and usually that classic ouddyness we associate with high quality wood. This oil captures that aroma accurately. The initial aroma is intense smoke that quickly clears way for a wispy, smokey incense session that allows you to feel like a walking bukhoor session. Up close the oil smells strong and the projection in the air smells like sweet, golden Cambodian oud resin on charcoal. The projection and sillage are intense and provide a completely different experience than up close with your nose pressed to skin.

After about 45 minutes resinous, tamarind laced fruity tobacco and dried fruits show up while a creamy incense displays itself throughout the heart. As it closes out a gorgeous, crisp citrus oleoresin slowly fades into oblivion. Gorgeous journey of scent here and a real rollercoaster ride for incense lovers!

With age this oil will simply get better and better….


3g, 1g


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