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Jayapaura sits on the northern coast of Papua, not often are Oud oils from this reigon available. Jaya Qadeem is a genre of Oud which will be a instant love for those who love Papuan oils which showcase pure “dark woodiness” that old antique smell of a furniture store, the scent of opening a hundred year old book and whiffing the pages the smell of old school oils done right.

This oil transports you somewhere ancient, regal, sophisticated and special. Being matured now for 15 years this is a taste of what old school Oud smells like. Habzoud have offered a mixture of new style oils but Jayapura Qadeem is a time warp.

The oil has a deep brown hue and upon application emites a super clean cloud of cooling leafy mint, deep dark earthy woodiness, lush dense jungleness, cooked spices, roasted coffee beans, sweet Oudy resin, fresh clay pottery, the aroma of an ocean breeze.

The oil is not sweet like a Thai but sweet nor too bitter like a Chinese but bitter. Imagine an old school Malay, the best way to describe it is a cloud of Oudiness, aged to perfection which simply cannot be replicated!

A great chance to attain a mature top end Papuan which will satisfy any Oud heads addiction at a price that doesnt break the bank for this calibre of Oud.


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