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Raja Hijau is an oil which like the sold out Sultan Al Akhdar represents the finest of what modern style Malaysian Agarwood has to offer. It’s scent is one of sheer beauty and without a doubt your nose will be in for a exquisite treat. I myself cannot stop inhaling the aroma of this oil as each time i am discovering something new about the scent!

Raja Hijau is a true gem of an oil, a perfume in itself, not only due to its beautiful aroma but because it is distilled using rare wild Aquilaria Rostrata incense grade wood from Pahang, Malaysia. Finding this raw material is no easy task due to its rarity, hence you see very few oils if any ever being distilled using this species of Agarwood. That alone in itself is a reason this is a must have for top shelf Oud oil collectors and Ouddicts.

Raja Hijau translates to Queen of Green, as this oil represents the most floral green profile you would have ever experienced. Smelling the oil blind you would be baffeld as to its origin, it smells like a cross between Malay, Sri Lankan and Indonesian Oud, with a complex and multifaceted smell. The oil starts off equatic then shifts to green with a spicy midnotes and a woody incensy drydown.

The colour of the oil is a light golden green with a lovely silky viscosity. Once applied the oil opens with a piercing exotic green equatic note similar to those found in high end Sri Lankan oils, fizzy pop cola, theres unique floral notes which follow like wild flowers growing in a rich green jungle, carribean guava, ripe pears and golden kiwi and notes of sweet clay and earthiness. As the oil progresses theres honeyed spicy notes of aniseed, firey cinamon and crushed cloves. The chip on low heat smell is there througout but as the oil heads to the base notes this smell amplifies with a beautiful sweet incensy woody drydown. There is zero barn, sharpness and off notes, a perfectly balanced and rounded oil. Age will only work more wonders with this oil.

This oil takes you on a very interesting rollercoaster of a ride sweet, spicy, incensy and whilst ive experienced the oil a number of times im always discovering something new!

This oil will give any much more costly oil a run for its money. This is a must have for everyones collection, one of the finest Malay Ouds i’ve smelt.


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