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The last few releases of Habzoud Hindis captured a new generation style of Hindi Oud which many found to change their perception of Hindi Oud. Hindi Oud is every Oud lovers craving, whether you start off liking them or not at some stage you will fall in love with the aroma. Though the new gen oils smell amazing i wanted an oil that was much more old school in feel and smell but super pristine at the same time, the outcome was Oud Tipu Sultan.

It took nearly a year to gather the raw material for this oil and it is a mixture of material from Meghalaya, Manipur & Nagaland. This diversity in reigons gives it a very deep and drastic aroma which really takes you back to old school perfection, a real rollcoaster of a ride for your nose. The material was soaked for 5 days using mineral water and distilled carefully mainly on low temperature.

The end product is a beautiful oil so soothing and calming. As you inhale the scent it really transports you to a beautiful place. The colour of the oil is light deep gold with an orange tint

Off the dipstick as you inhale you are hit with the smoothest sweet barn note you have ever smelt, dont think a funky harsh barn but a barn note of sheer beauty. Theres also a suede incensy leather hide note laced with tangy dark chocolate. Once applied theres a flurry of various spices, crushed cardimon, aniseed, fennel seeds, desi tea the smell of caramalised toffee and fudge. In the middle stages the oil becomes very woody and incensy wisps of the finest Indian agarwood chip on low heat. As the oil drys down you are left with that old school classical boozy nectar like oudiness drenched in wild flowers. Theres even a likeness to oil from Pursat Cambodia, simply beautiful!

While writing this description my wrist is glued to my nose, this is such a deep complex oil nothing but smiles after every sniff.

At this price point for the level and quality of what you recieve it will blow away most if not all Hindis in your collection!


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